Solar Array Disconnect Switch


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Solar Array Disconnect Switch.
Rated 250v 63amps DC
Fitted between your solar panels and your charge controller,
this is the safe way to disconnect your solar panels from the rest of your system.

The solar array disconnect switch is designed to be fitted inside your Motorhome/Campervan/Caravan,
and will safely cut the power from your solar panel on both the positive and negative wires.

Most solar array’s on Motorhomes/Campervans will not exceed the 250 volts @ 63 amps DC that the
unit is designed for, but please ensure that your system does not exceed this before purchasing.

The unit stops the need for climbing on the roof of the van and messing around with
MC4 connectors, which is particularly hazzardous in wet conditions and with high voltage series connections.
The unit ensures both the positive and negative from the solar panels are disconnected simultaneously.
(Please note: The unit is designed to be fitted INSIDE your motorhome/campervan)

If you have any questions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.
Consumer unit.
2 pole DC breaker.
x4 Entry glands.
Blanking plate.
x4 Screws.