MC4 Solar Panel Connectors Cable Connectors – Male & Female Set TUV Waterproof


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MC4 Solar Panel Connectors Cable Connectors – Male & Female Set TUV Waterproof

MC4 Solar Panel Connectors Cable Connectors – High Quality – Pairs Male & Female Set – IP67 Waterproof.
In Photovoltaic Solar Systems, the MC4 solar panel connectors is a necessary unit. It takes an important role in many aspects, such as the connection between panels, junction boxes, the combiner box, the components and the inverter.
MC4 solar Connectors Features Excellent Quality and Plus more, Ageing Resistance, UV endurance, IP 67 Waterproof, Resistance of Extra High & Low Temperature and Fireproof, sealed that can be used in harsh environment with snap-in technology.

  • Simple on-site processing.
  • Mating safety provided by keyed housings.
  • Mutiple plugging and unplugging cycles.
  • Accomodates PV cable with deferent insulation diamaters.
  • High Voltage and Current carrying capacity.
  • Rated 3A @ 240V AC.

Connector System: 2.5 – 6.0mm2
Rated Voltage: 1000V DC(IEC)
Rated Current: 30A
Test Voltage: 6KV (50HZ, 1min)
Ambient Temperature Range: “-40?…. +90?(IEC), -40?….+85?(UL)
Upper Limiting Temperature: “+105?(IEC)
Degree of Protection: IP 67
Umated: IP2X
Contact Resistance of Plug Connectors: 0.5m?
Safety Class: II
Contact Material: Messing, verzinnt Copper alloy, tinned plated
Insulation Material: PPO
Locking System: Snap-in
Flame Class: UL-94- VO
Salt Mist Spray Test, Degree of Severity 5: IEC 60068-2-52

Never connect or disconnect MC4 connectors whilst they are under electrical load as this can cause arcing which can damage the contacts and also give you electric shock!
* Always seek the advice of a professional when dealing with electrical components!

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